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Versailles x Trudon

Versailles x Trudon

Trudon imagined an emblematic collection inspired by the royal celebrations and legendary gardens of Versailles. 

Versailles and Trudon have shared a common history for more than three centuries, through a creative artisanal bond.

As the former royal wax manufacture candle for the royal families until the French Revolution, Trudon helped create glorious and enchanting moments at the Versailles castle with its candles.

As an homage to such a fascinating past, it only made sense to one day name a Trudon collection: Versailles.

The scent comes with green and floral notes inspired by the legendary gardens of Versailles.


Emblematic collection and historical testimony


Four hundred years after the Versailles gardens were first planted, Trudon has called on its know-how as a Living Heritage Company to capture an atmosphere as refined as it is imaginative, that of a gigantic garden created entirely to entertain a king, his court and his friends. In 1664, Louis XIV inaugurated the first in a long series of “pleasures” at Versailles.

The royal celebrations at Versailles took place until the last years of the reign of King Louis XVI. Artists and creators from all over the world still draw inspiration from this prestigious place, a showcase of unique know-how that has seen the birth of the great manufactures of France.

An olfactory link between the palace and its fabulous gardens


It could even be said that Louis XIV's favorite feature of Versailles was its gardens, which inspired the only book he ever wrote, "Manière de montrer les jardins de Versailles". This guide to a walk consisting of twenty or so stages, encourages visitors past and present to take full advantage of the multi-sensory, visual, auditory and olfactory experience evoked by Trudon in its Versailles candle. The color of this candle is azure, a true blue like the sky blue of a fresco, a chromatic link between the palace and its fabulous gardens.