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Isla De Oro

Isla De Oro

An iconic and solar duo, composed of an eau de parfum and a candle.

Trudon unveils an elegant summer capsule collection with the original duo composed of a perfume – Isla – and a scented candle - de Oro - highlights the many facets of bergamot. This luminous composition evokes images of Andalusian overlooking Mediterranean islands in the distance. Bergamot, the central ingredient, is exalted in these creations, delivering a fruity freshness during the day and an highly crafted citrus note in the evening.

Bergamot, Rosmary, and Vetiver


Mimicking the crisp summer light, a sunny-yellow gradient illuminates the perfume bottle and candle from the bottom up whilst the tops are lacquered in a matte satin white. The magic of an elegant Mediterranean island fugue is at play.

Fruity, citrusy freshness


The scented candle De Oro explores the floral aspect of the bergamot, giving every interior the air of a Mediterranean getaway.