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Jars production

Jars production


Specific to Cire Trudon, the scented candles’ thick green glass dates back to the origins of the brand. With a shape slightly evocative of champagne buckets, each glass is unique: made in Vinci, Tuscany, in one of the last Italian glass-manufactures still in operation, it is traditionally handcrafted.

With its iconic green shade, the molten glass is the result of a long process: a centrifuge force is used to mould it, before it is fired at high temperatures for 16 to 24 hours. An artisan then shapes it by hand, giving each piece its uniqueness: the height of the glass and the presence of fine bubbles slightly varies. For each new reference, Cire Trudon develops a specific glass: whether it is hand finished in gold leaf or a new colour is created – ultramarine blue, snow or deep red – it is of the highest standard.

Timeless and sustainable, each glass contains a good amount of recycled glass - between 25% and 40% - which follows a policy implemented in each boutique: bring back your empty candle glass and Cire Trudon will give you a 10% discount on the price for any scented candle in the same size.

Thinking green has never been as stylish and simple!